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Does speaking well in English add a sparkle to the personality of a person? If ‘yes’, then do you feel it is right? Share your views.

Let me analyze this question part by part. Starting with, speaking in English. English is an optional language; not mandatory. Depending on the scenario and its demands, communicating in English becomes an added advantage. Especially, given India’s multi-lingual population, when you’re addressing people in a common platform, then English comes in handy. So, yes, being able to effectively communicate in English does add sparkle to one’s resume, may be, but not necessarily one’s personality.

Next, speaking well in English. what does that word ‘well’ mean? To use flowery words and make it sound polished? Or to use simple language and get the meaning straight? My choice is the latter. ‘Keep it simple and to the point’ is what, according to me, determines how effective English communication is. Again, take the example of addressing a gathering. Only when the audience understands what is being spoken and be one with the flow, will the purpose of addressing be served. Else it will fall into deaf ears. Words will go in vain. To help them understand, speaker must be able to gather their attention through various means such as making it an interactive session or by quoting real-life examples through audio-video medium. Options galore. To achieve all these, speaker must be an expert in explaining and relating them in words with the audience. Here comes ‘speaking well’ in handy. And that speaker is appreciated for his ability to keep the audience’s attention intact and achieving the agenda. That speaker could be I, you or anybody and the situation could be anything.. ranging from school/college/work presentations, a political party’s meeting, an oratory competition or even a family gathering. In all these situations, depending on its demands, speaking well in English does add value and sparkle to one’s personality for that person is hailed as a very good orator.

To conclude, yes, speaking well in English does add a sparkle to one’s personality when it helps serve the purpose of conveying what is intended to be conveyed to the intended audience.