Children’s day – pulls you back to those good old days where you had joys a ton and worries none. To walk through my childhood memories, has been one of my favorites to do during my leisure. Memories of different shades – happy and sad. But I choose to reminisce the happy times. Let me share one. A peculiar one at that. As a child, every one of us had a habit that gave immense happiness and pleasure doing it. Lying down/ sleeping peacefully 0n a swing, being carried on the shoulders, being given a piggy-back ride, or being taken for a walk around the house by placing your feet on someone else’s feet – to recall a few. I found my happiness in emptying the talcum powder tin on to the floors! Weird right? Ha! Children do weird stuffs!!

My initial years of infancy and then childhood were spent in BSNL quarters – 4 flats. We lived in the ground floor and my favorite place next to my home was our adjacent flat. If not sleeping, I would be in their home entertaining them and getting entertained as well. First thing I do after entering their home is to seek that old white color Gokul Sandal talcum powder tin. I have always found it placed within my reach. Wondering how, despite knowing what I would do to it, they never changed its place!! Such good people they were! Too good to deprive me off my fun, I guess!! I remember how I held the tin- upside down, both of my tiny hands holding it firmly, giving it a firm shake as fast as those delicate hands of a child could and at that moment, I was the happiest person! An unrestrained excitement I derived out of that action –an action that makes no sense now but at one time, my source of joy! I was a peace-loving kid, you see, no harm caused to anyone in any manner!   😀

Years passed. I grew up. Life changed and with it, my likes and dislikes too. In the process of growing up, that inner child was wounded and put to rest, never to return. Sadly. That fun might have long gone and I don’t get kicked up seeing powder tins anymore, but memories of me doing it continues to live, in my mind and in the minds of those lovely people who were generous enough to purchase a new tin every single time I emptied one!! During every single meeting, even after years, they recollect how gleefully I used to do it and how my face glowed in happiness! That’s the power of smiling from within, making it all a play! We have grown up, for good, discontinued childhood habits, for better. But, the best is yet to come and come it will, when you re-discover that inner child within you – the source of happiness and playfulness. It is never too late to smile from within, to see a place/ person through the eyes of a child and make it all a play!! It is high time we let the wild child in us loose, every now and then!! Here is to those good old days of the past and its reincarnation in the future!! Happy Children’s Day to the child in you!!