“Ok! I will do your project but please do try to complete your article by tonight”, said Mitra, a school student.

It was dinner time at home and the rest of her family were waiting for her to join them. Everyone heard her pleading. After a while she joined them looking taut.

Dad asked,” What was that about?” She said,” That was my friend, Dad. I’m the Class Representative and am responsible for getting others work together on a magazine. None seem to mind me. Instead they threaten to quit if I push them a bit. I feel I’m dancing to their tunes. Now, she says she won’t do her job unless I do her project for her. I want the work done. I’ve no option but to give her what she demands.”

Mom said comfortingly, “Poor you, but don’t you feel you let her blackmail you? That you are letting her walk all over you? You should try to win their respect, dear”

Mitra said,” I understand Mom. But I can’t do the work all by myself.  The deadline is nearing. How do I get them to work without yielding to their demands?”

Dad asked, “Is she the only one who is with you? Do you have anyone else who is supportive?”

Mitra said, “Oh yes, I have Adhi, a solid helping hand. But one isn’t a great count, Dad”

Mom said,” Yes, it isn’t. But, numbers don’t matter. What matters the most is not letting them take advantage of your weakness. Operate from your strength. That makes you a great leader. That gives you enough courage and confidence to surge ahead. Prove them that only you and Adhi are capable of finishing the job at hand. At least give them a pinch of that. Make them realise what they are about to miss by not working. Applause from teachers, name and fame. Show them they are not indispensable. Once that is done, then see the magic.”

Dad, “She’s right. You’re interested and determined to complete the job. Also, you’ve Adhi to support you. You must prove to yourself and to others that you can very well do without them. So, keep in mind child, always operate on your strength. Never allow others to push you around and take advantage of you.”

Mitra said, “Thanks Dad, Mom. I feel better now.  You gave me the much needed boost. I shall act at once!”