In college days, you were my first close friend,
Thus born a bond that will never end;
You brought a smile on my face, always,
And, memories that will never erase.

Silly jokes that we cracked,
Silly wishes that we shared;
An amazing companion that you were,
In all the crazy things we did bizarre ;

Staying awake for hours on the end,
To tell me the story;
Of Potter, the Harry,
Nevertheless, I failed your tests, I’m sorry 😀

During hours spent in lawn,
You gave your hand to hold & Shoulder to lean on;
You lent your ear,
To listen whatever I had to share.

I recall with such a delight,
That there wasn’t a moment of fight;
I realize I was the happiest then,
Moments of sadness, I wonder when!

Be it Maths or DAA or TOC,
To learn, you made it easy;
More than 2 years, we sailed together through a track,
That journey, will never ever fade to black.

What’ll make you happy?
This’ll make you happy;
Now, if you ask me, ‘Who’s the master of Dobby?’
I’ll gleefully say, ‘Oh boy! it’s Lucius Malfoy!’

Stories apart;
Here comes the wish, straight from my heart.

May you have all the treasures under the sky blue,
May all your dreams come true;
I wish you years ahead, trouble-free,
Happy Birthday my dear Subhasri!!


PS: DAA, TOC- Computer Science Subjects