A conversation between a mother and her kid. A poem or a rhyme (if I may say so!) emphasizing the habit of eating properly and sleeping early! Lines in Blue are of mother’s and that are in Black are of the kid’s. Enjoy!!  🙂

Hey dear! Come near!

It’s time to have food!!

No mother, I’m very busy!

Nah! Nah! It’s not that easy!

Come dear, the moon is here!

No mother, it is dark, I fear!

No fear when I’m near!

Come, come, there is someone over there!

On the moon? Where? Where?

A black figure on the moon…See there! *points out at moon*

Who is she, mother, so scary!!!

Not scary, she is a fairy!

Toys and chocolates she gifts daily!

But only to good kids, truly! *smirks*

*frowns* who is a good kid, tell me?

One who completes his food and goes to sleep early!

*rolls eyes* I’m hungry and feeling sleepy, mother!

*smiles* I know dear, come, let’s eat together!

This is inline with the indispire_170x110prompt “For this children’s day, write something for kids (0-8 years). Anything- a story, a poem, a rhyme, or a new fairytale