Back to blogging after 2 days break. Weekend gave me little leisure to have a WhatsApp chat with my cousin (lives abroad) that lasted more than an hour. At the end, I felt so good. I must disagree the saying that chatting can never be as good as speaking over call (face-to-face is out of the question here). I felt no such difference. My Father-in-law, having noticed me being glued to mobile for a long time, commented, “You’ve become addicted to it!!” The usual, yes. I tried reasoning him that I was doing something good. Of course, chatting with cousins/friends is good.. I’m staying in touch with them! After all you’re having good time and your relationships continue to survive.

Hearing such comments isn’t new to me as I have heard others comment the same to youngsters of their acquaintance and have seen many who are of strong opinion that the more the time you spend with smart mobiles the more aloof you become with people at home. That physical connection is lost. I do agree but with few conditions applied on it. Watching movies, youtube videos and playing games CONTINUOUSLY, checking social media at an interval of 5 minutes – if someone does all or more than one of these, then he/she falls under the category of “Smartphone addict”. But someone who OCCASIONALLY spends more time chatting with someone who is close to him/her, trying to connect/ reconnect, build/rebuild relationships, doesn’t come under that category. Actually, you can’t categorize them at all. They do understand the meaning of smartphones: that watching videos or playing games are for relaxation and that relaxation shouldn’t prolong to an extent that it victimizes the physical connection. There are people who exactly know how it would feel if someone were desperately in need to talk to someone who is too engrossed in mobile to even lift face, look at the face and listen. So, my request to people whose impression is so, is not to generalize everyone under “Smartphones addict” category. If you belong to the group of people who get miffed at the sight of prolonged mobile usage, then, before uttering any comments, make sure to know what one is up to. He/she might actually be trying to stay connected with the loved ones. Also, among those that are at receiving end for constant mobile usage, there are a few who have really understood one of the objectives of smartphones – stay connected in addition to being physically connected and they also know it is not to replace that physical connection!!