Note: Taking advantage of festive days, I am considering this as my 10th day.

On the day of Deepavali, after Ganga snanam and the routine, I sat on the balcony. I don’t burst crackers but take a lot of pleasure in watching the high-spirited kids do it. In my home town (not a city like Bangalore), I am used to such sights during every Deepavali. “When in a place without any apartment, kids could gather and enjoy to great extent, in our apartment, with more kids living under same roof, it must be much more than that”, I thought!! When I peeped down, I expected scenes like, a bunch of kids, fighting with fear and the joy at the same time, go ahead to light a cracker and immediately rush back to safe place! Boom!! Followed by Hurray!! What did I see? Empty pavement. Empty benches. Then came a boy- must be around 10-11 years old. His hands held not crackers but a smart phone. He sat on the bench. By the movement of his hands that held the phone, I understood he was playing a game. After few minutes, another one joined him. Then came next. After, say 10 minutes, they were a gang of 5 boys trying to beat each other in that game. Yes, there was a shout of Hurray!! but that wasn’t out of a cracker’s  bust. Do you see the change here? Do you see what kids of current generation are missing? “Come together and have fun in each others’ company” has now shifted to “come together and have fun with each other’s mobiles”. I see such scenes regularly in the evening time when kids are supposed to play with each other, not with mobiles. Parallel to this another sight that caught my attention was that of a group of adults playing shuttlecock. I’m glad that they take time to come out and play. I also thought, “When they can do it, why can’t they prod their kids to accompany them or just make an attempt to change the mentality of kids?” Is this what we call by the fancy name of “Generation Gap”? Where are we going wrong?