I read this quote on an advertisement board of a Yoga-teaching institute- ‘You can’t control what is going on outside but you can control what is going on inside’. It can be perceived in ways not one but many! It could be something along the lines of one’s own deeds or one’s reaction towards someone else’s deeds, of words uttered or one’s reaction towards the words uttered by someone else. As I mull over the events associated with the above mentioned points, few memories pop up.

One is of the young lad whose behavior I discussed in this article on waste management. He hardly cared about proper disposal of his coffee cup so much that even after insistence, he didn’t drop it inside the bin! That was his deed. What was my reaction? First time I saw him throw away heedlessly, I asked him to drop it inside bin (my action:1). When he didn’t, I picked it up myself and dropped inside (my action:2). Now, read the quote mentioned in the first line. I tried once but couldn’t control his negligent action (an outsider). Next, I changed my method and did what he was supposed to do. So, my action was under my control and I chose wise (I believe). Now, that Yoga quote, when related with this incident, makes perfect sense to me.

Next memory is from my wedding shopping. After checking dozens of saree, I liked one in bright orange color. Thought it would be perfect for reception. But, I was in dilemma – whether to go with it or not…for the fear of orange being a candy color and of my choice being ridiculed. After deliberation, I realized that what others think and say is their business. What I feel about what they think and say, is mine and both must be parallel! I bought it and went ahead with my plan. My selection was appreciated by many, to my surprise! Again, that Yoga quote – that how I feel (inside) about others is under my control, makes perfect sense now.

You may fail in controlling/changing the way one speaks; You may fail in controlling/changing the way one acts; You may fail in controlling/changing the way one lives but remember, YOU  can change YOURS and show the right way!