We often hear people say that we need to be an inclusive society that would not only be compassionate to those less fortunate but also create environs that could give them a feeling of self worth. By less fortunate, I mean the differently-abled people. Though we see tremendous development in every sector, we hardly see anything manufactured/built/designed that are friendly for them to use. We rarely see a lift with buttons that also have braille. Ramps are missing in most theatres. Employers continue to hesitate to recruit them despite being well qualified for the job. All they need is someone who’ll see them for whom they are and their skill to fight, conquer the odds and not what they miss. Someone who makes them feel acknowledged, respected, recognized and duly given that chance they truly deserve. If that happens, that someone will be their hero!! It could be any tom, dick and harry who brings about that change in their life!! It’s normal for us to feel compassionate for them but we must remind ourselves to not confuse it with pity and worse still, express that emotion.  Instead, channelizing that compassion towards creating a better world for them will be the heroic deed!

I am fortunate to befriend one such person who has dedicated her life for the betterment of differently-abled people!! She is Ms. Pavithra YS, from Bangalore. In June 2006, at the age of 22, she started Vindhya, a BPO organization in Bangalore whose employee base majorly consists of people with disabilities (PWD’s) as of its production staff. Its production staff comprises mainly of physically challenged, Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, socially disadvantaged women & Border cases of Autistic, it also focuses on women from BPL families to complement the rest of the workforce. She has even learnt sign language in order to converse with hearing impaired people and be one among them to understand and address their needs in a better way.

In the current scenario where the world pities and treats them differently, she has started a new company exclusively for them thereby providing a platform to showcase their skills, confidence and prove the world wrong! She has given them a chance to use their skills, live off their own earnings and lead a dignified life. Prior to this, she was as normal as anyone you come across in daily life. But, now, she is a hero in the eyes of thousands of people!!

When you’re in deep dumps of despair, arms that reaches out to you to rescue, can belong to anyone and that ‘anyone’ will be your hero!!

PS: To know more about her and company, click here.

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What makes a person a hero? Can anyone become a hero? If yes, how?