5th post is up after a day’s delay. Ok, I agree. It ought to have been Day 6 but title says Day 5. Yesterday being Sunday, I had my hands full. So, you should excuse me on the grounds of having had a busy day!! You might think, Sunday is the day to rest and be free from the routine and hence I would have had time to blog. In my case, it is the day I am busier than the weekdays! (anyone else shares the same kind of Sundays?!?) All sorts of works which otherwise don’t find a mention in weekday’s schedule, get treated on this day. Cleaning and clearing, decluttering and arranging, washing and ironing – these couples keep me engaged for more than half of the day! It would be almost 2 in the noon and siren would go off in my stomach! After calming the storm, I rest. I rest, how? Options galore – sleep, read books, watch TV/movies/series, meet friends..most of the times, ‘Sleep’ wins and the rest find its slot later. If visitors come in, then they get pushed to next Sunday. Painful wait, yet again! Evening is allotted to get prepped up for the coming week. Once set, those that were neglected in the noon, get their space now. By the end of the day, I get to taste the real Sunday! To summarize, Sundays to me is to clear the pending works of the bygone week and get everything in place for the coming week!

Yes, I work more on Sundays but no, I don’t hate Sundays. I still am that school kid who eagerly awaits Sundays! Do you too relate to me? Are your Sundays also similar to mine? Share your thoughts  🙂