I live in an apartment where many residents are voicing their concerns over waste management and are actively taking part in reaching out to other residents to spread awareness about segregating the waste. Putting words into action, separate dustbins were installed in the apartment: one for WET waste and the other for DRY waste. The group took efforts to make residents understand about wet and dry waste, what fall under which category and why it is important to segregate. Explanatory messages were shared in Whatsapp group, meetings were held, pictures were shared..efforts taken in every possible way! Proved any good? Yes, whenever I went to drop waste, I noticed few people bringing two covers – one each for wet and dry. They also dropped them at the right dustbin! Though they were only few in number, it says there is a scope for improvement and people are trying to change.

If there is a group that is trying to solve the issue, then there must be another trying to counter it! Few days back, when I was taking a walk, I noticed a lady carry a plastic bag full of waste and dump it in dustbin allotted for wet waste! When I politely pointed her that plastic is not supposed be dropped in wet waste, she simply shrugged me off. No words spoken, no action taken. She just walked back. No amount of advocating can bring a change in this matter, I felt. After few days, I saw a boy walking on the pavement of the apartment, sipping a drink in paper cup. Done with slurping, he nonchalantly threw it near a flower-pot kept on the edge. I walked up to him, pointed at the cup and asked him, “Why don’t you drop it in the dustbin? It is just few yards away from here”. Without saying a word, he bent down, collected it, went near the dustbin and threw it off. Not inside but around that very dustbin that I asked him to drop the cup!! Flabbergasted by his behavior and attitude towards his action, I decided there was no use in talking. Only solution was – to pick it up myself and drop it in the right dustbin. Do they litter their homes as well, like this? If not, then can’t they follow it when they step out? Littering is the least we could do to our Mother Nature. I’m not sure of what help this post will be. If at least one of many who reads this, realizes and changes his/her mind, then I’ll consider that this post has served its purpose. Hope.

One may climb Mt. Everest, one may cross the deepest of the oceans, one may travel to moon and be back..but it is tough to change people’s mind!!!!