I am someone who believes that having a checklist helps one be organized. Father has always insisted on preparing a list in order to avoid last minute panic. Be it a normal day or a trip away, I prepare a checklist: ‘To do’ and ‘To be packed’. I will get into the level of categorizing those ‘to be packed’ items like cosmetics, clothes, stationery, gadgets, et cetera. Every day, in my office, my first task is to check the ‘To do’ list and at the end of the day, when I strike off that last time, it gives a sense of accomplishment…as if every ounce of energy was used productively.

At a later point of time, for a change, I went few days without any checklist and to my surprise, I felt free, as if I had more time to do many things that I usually neglected. It got me thinking. When we wake up every morning with a list of things to do, the wonder, novelty and beauty of the day is lost. What awaits us is a deadened routine. We become blind to everything else other than the to-do list. What seemed a busy life then seems a joyless life, now. When can one feel the joy? Only when one is open to all the small happenings and possibilities in a day! Enjoy and savour all that the moment has to offer. To do this, one needs to be at the moment and fully awake.. this is totally unlikely when the day is already designed. To toil is easy but to see and feel the joy, is hard. Yes, it is hard but not impossible!

Trust me..it feels good to take a snail-back journey every now and then. You will be surprised to see and get to know of many that were right under your nose yet went unnoticed!