What does the term “Possession” mean? To own something- says WordWeb. That “something” could be an object (self-bought or a gift) or a memory or a person that is close to your heart…that you care for deeply above all else. Many a times, it is associated with an object. Rarely does a memory become a possession in this I-have-no-time-for life, as I observed. Though I am for savouring certain special memories and devouring them at my leisure, I do consider one special thing, a letter, as my prized possession.  Every word of it oozing affection and love! From a close friend of mine, 4 years ago I received a cover letter along with a gift. A gift bought out of first ever job’s first month salary! Having two “first-ever” makes it more special, in my opinion.

Quoting few lines pearls from it, “They are not expensive, may not even be that beautiful. But I picked them out myself, bought it with my own money and that I think makes it more special. Hope you have the same feeling towards it!!“.

Of course, I did, then; I still do, now and will continue to feel the same, ever! Expressing in words could hardly do justice to how exactly I feel every time I read those words!! Like a stream of joy gushing within and out, on my face, is its reflection! We are in an era where handwritten letters or notes have become extinct species. I am glad that she chose to write instead of SMS or call. Whenever I hold that letter and read for the nth time, memory of receiving the courier, unwrapping the gift and reading the letter flood me with the exact sensations I felt when all of them happened for the first time..when that memory was first formed. I am sure that special friend will be reading this.. you know who you’re and you also know you have been, are, will be my only close friend! I am glad I have you 🙂

I have received many gifts and have purchased many for my own use out of money that I earned but nothing can hold a candle to this one letter! Instead of piling diamonds and gold in bank locker, I am happy that I have collected many such prized possessions in my mind’s and wardrobe’s locker! That’s something that nothing can take away!