I have challenged myself to write a blog post every single day for 5 continuous days (minimum) to 10, the max. This is mainly to silence the voices within that says: you wish to get better at something (writing), do it regularly. To see if I could really pull this off or I will eventually yield to the external forces that have so far successfully hindered me from being regular. One word could trigger a string of thoughts and I could pen them all. One incident could move me much that I decide to share it with the world. One word might affect and impact much to write about it. One person could inspire me to share what is it about him/her that inspired. I could find the muse to pen the words, if only I am open and seize whatever that comes my way. You readers can also be a part of this by sharing a word to two about which I will try to write. What matters the most in this attempt is, consistency. Perfection and the rest take a back seat. (Note to self)

Thanks in advance   🙂