Strange to an extent that you would be feeling helpless, wondering what exactly is going on, trying hard to get a grip of what’s happening within you and around you. To an extent that you truly do not know whether you should feel happy and smile or sad and frown or both simultaneously. To an extent that one day you will find yourself flying up in the air; the next, lying deep down in the dumps of despair! One day, it turns all colorful; the next, only the shades of grey! Yet, life goes on and on you go along with its flow. Hoping one day, everything will be alright. One day and when is it? You know not. In this journey called Life all one can do is to hope for a better tomorrow but not predict. You are just as likely to be wrong about it as you are to be right. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Yes, true. In life, when everything seems bizarre and you’re struggling to get hold of it, the best way to move ahead is to accept what was, must be and would be. We have always believed in the better that awaits us however hopeless the present may seem, haven’t we? Continue to do so. Else, your mind will always be in the state of unrest and you will lose the chance of experiencing the true happiness that life is kind enough to bless you with. Whatever is happening in your life may not make sense everyday and every time. What doesn’t make sense today, will make perfect sense, someday. Till that day comes, for now, smile through tears, laugh the confusion off and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. A reason that may well be out of your control.