Today morning, as I was waiting in the bus stop, heard the following conversation between a small boy, perhaps 6-7 years old and his mother. His granny was also present near them.

Boy: *has already seen the ice cream shop behind him* Get me ice cream! Now! *sobbing*

Mother: Not now, dear! You go to school now,evening I will get you ice cream.

Boy: No! I want to have it now. only then I will go to school *more sobbing*

Granny: Listen child! Evening you can have it at leisure. Now, you are getting late to school

Boy: You keep quiet! *rudeness lost in translation; read SHUT UP*

Granny looked stunned!

Mother: Okay! Come! else, you will never stop!

To many, the above conversation might seem very casual and something that has become or accepted to be normal. Not to me. I was as equally shocked as that granny by the way that boy snapped a reply at her and more, to see his mother turning deaf ears towards such a rude behavior.  She didn’t even utter a word of reprimand. No, I am not ready to buy the reason that she was too busy in calming the boy to notice his words. No. What is this concept of kids not respecting elders? What is this concept of parent just watching it like an entertainment? What prevents them from chiding their own children, I wonder! Is it because they fear of being (/having been) treated the same way? Could their inability or the fatigue in dealing/ putting up with such disrespectful attitude of their kids, be the reason? Or worse, could it be like the saying, “children learn and imbibe from their parents”? I hope not. At this budding age, kids should be taught of values and ethics. What’s happening is the opposite of what was supposed to be. This upstart behavior from kids must be nipped off when it is still a bud. Else, they will never get to know something as basic as having innate respect to elders!

I am equally alarmed by something similar.. the latest Poorvika mobiles ad wherein the kid tries to clarify her doubt with the help of her grandfather. As she is unable to understand his response, she comments, “Why can’t you ever explain anything in a way it is easier to understand?” Now, her grandmother barges in approving and appreciating(!!) the above comment and goes on talking about Poorvika. I feel that appreciation part should have been skipped as it sends out a wrong message.. that even elders approve and support kids who pass such degrading comment (again, it is my personal opinion. I agree to disagree). Alarming, indeed!!

Today, you and I may not have gone through what that granny had to. Tomorrow or day after our own kids or neighbours’ may behave like the boy of today! So, to you, readers, I request.. please don’t merely be a spectator when you encounter such situations in future.. if not twist the ears, at least say few words so that they realize their mistake and apologize!

A small step towards creating better human beings of tomorrow!