It takes almost 20 minutes to reach my office from the bus stop. I walk through busy lanes bustling with people joining my walk from many twists and turns on the way. While I walk, I look around and observe what others are doing -an old lady selling flowers, an old man struggling with needle and thread on his sewing machine, meat sellers engrossed in examining the poor soul in front of them, shop owners opening and cleaning their shops for the day.. many scenes to be seen and many lessons to be learnt.. one not to feel bored despite doing the same job, day after day.. accept and move on. Let me talk about it in another post.

(Remember a point: Everyday I wear either a rose or a strand of jasmine flowers on braided hair) I thought and believed, at least till today, I was the only one who observed around as I walked past when others are busy with their lives. Today, when I stopped for my routine tender coconut break, I saw that old lady who sells flowers, running towards me. I went near her and asked what was the matter. She gave me a big rose and said, “Wear this! I have never seen you without flowers behind. Today you don’t have one. It doesn’t look good. Go on, wear it!!” I was really touched by her kind gesture. I saw her panting (effect of running behind me) and exchanged what I had with me.. well, we exchanged what we had in our hands – tender coconut and rose! I said thanks and in return she gave a wide happy grin and walked back to her shop. A smile that spreads positive vibes! A smile that beautifies the face despite her age lines.. Ha..! who cares about her age. I am not surprised by the fact that others too observe and someone has observed me to such minute extent. What surprised me is the fact that some people aren’t a part of the rat-race and don’t live a fast-paced life having very little time for others. They do stop for a while, look around, meet and greet strangers and spread love through small yet meaningful acts! Irrespective of their age and gender.. some people always remain beautiful.. just that they shift their beauty from face to heart!! and it is all that matters!