of the other person when your mind is not prepared to take in whatever you get? It kills the very point of asking it, right? Problem is you already know what to do or almost taken decision and with a hope that other person too echoes it, you ask..just to feel good and assured that you are right since others think/feel alike. That is the actual problem!! You cook something, then ask me to taste and comment on it..I, trying to be honest and helpful, say could have been better but tastes delicious. You frown and exclaim, “How much hard work I put in to this and you say it isn’t good!!”. You frown and I wonder. Wonder when did I say it isn’t good! Wonder how words could be interpreted and misinterpreted in so many ways I knew not! Worst is when you try give advice, solicited or unsolicited! Please refrain from it, I say. Nay, I warn! If it went well, you’re safe and blessed. If not, you’ll regret having uttered those words! Trust me. The after-reactions will leave you wondering which words of yours warranted such outrage!

You share your piece of mind at the cost of your peace of mind. So, here is my advice (Yes, I said advice. I am ready to face the brunt 😀 ) Next time anybody asks your advice or opinion, before starting, throw in a disclaimer: “Look, I don’t sugar-coat anything. If you ask for my opinion/advice, then that’s what you’ll get. Don’t fume or be sad, if that’s not what you wanted to hear. What say?”

Tried it twice, I think. It  worked for me. Should work for you too. Now I remember sharing something similar along the lines of giving advice or sharing opinion.. here it is.. check it out if you want  🙂