I lost you

To an impending change

To time

Now, lost in thinking of you,

I stumble into a pit of rumination

Peering into the past

When we first met,

Felt so right and it was a love at first sight!

Was I loyal? Nay!

After a brief stint I ran away

But, you stood there

Bade goodbye, unmoved and cold

This is what you do to others too, I was told.

I reminisce about our days

The way we connected

The way we churned out a tale of happiness

If only we could get back!

To recreate the magic once we wove

And have a stroll with you like I always did.

Yes, I lost you,

To time and distance.

‘Is this forever?’, I fear

‘No!’, you said, the word I longed to hear

Not as long as there is a connection,

That is beyond destruction!

What is it?

That which carried me to you

That which helped me reach out to you

That which holds our memories

That which sings our tale of love

That which says ‘Though miles apart; I will always remain close to heart!’

That which is still hanging in there

Singing tunes of our glorious days, past

Holding space for our glorious days, future!


Shedding more light on who is this YOU and what is that CONNECTION

You = this