after decluttering my office drawer. I confess, I am a hoarder, especially, stationery items. Many a preachers of minimalist-lifestyle have told me to have them sorted out regularly and retain only items that are absolutely required. Once I even heard one of them mutter, while moving, “veetla innum evlo sethu vechurkeengalo!!” (roughly translated to: How much more have you hoarded in your home! – in a mixed tone of wonder and sarcasm). I usually ignore them convincing myself that they didn’t or might not feel the same way I feel about those things that are stashed inside my drawer or wardrobes at home or hostel. Speaking of hostel..Mind is getting tuned to revisit the years that were..let me share an occasion that demanded more than just decluttering..

I have spent 6 years of my college life in hostel. Towards the end, one and a half years, I lived in a spacious single room with a big wardrobe. Apart from basic items like clothes and books, you can imagine the amount of papers a student’s room will hold in! Projects, presentations, notes, xerox sheets, answer papers.. list goes on. Lets not forget random things like gift wrappers and cosmetics (of course!). My room had them all. Unless the date of vacating the room is tomorrow, I never mustered courage to tidy up wardrobe, sort and throw the old and make space for new . Why? No points for guessing.. Each one has a sentimental value attached with it. Also, for the fear that whatever I threw off might be required the same day for some reason or the other. What if! (I must say, usage of ‘What if’ has increased after watching Letters to Juliet movie!!) Especially when you throw off print outs taken during previous semester, the next day, your tutor says, “In this semester, at times, we will recollect the concepts learned during last semester!!” Again, run to library, wait in the queue in xerox shop, same print outs!! See, this is why I don’t bid farewell to anything unless and otherwise it is absolutely necessary!! A genuine reason, right? Right.

Sorry.. I am divagating. So, it was time to vacate the room. Going through my precious collections over two years – slab by slab, suitcase by suitcase, folder by folder, made me realize how much of a hoarder I was. I agree, many things I accumulated have hardly seen the light of the day. {You might ask, then, what is the use in hoarding them? My reply is: the standard two-words: What if?! } More than clothes, I had collected clippings from magazines, The Hindu newspaper articles and they were neatly tucked inside folders with a belief that I might need those information anytime and might come back at leisure and re-read the articles. Of course in this age of technology, all of them are just one click away. But, in this case, I belong to the old school. I had to decide what to do. What has to be done, must be done and what has to happen, will happen.

That is, along with my father, a man of simplicity and who follows the lifestyle of “the-minimum-the-best”, came the dreaded day of vacating! After deep thinking and with a heavy heart, I disposed many and packed the rest.

After 2 years, today, with the same feeling, I sorted my office drawer. Mixed feelings :-/