Tomorrow I am completing 25 years of living in this planet. 25! 25!! 25!!! It does ring a bell.. that I’m at the entrance of dreaded path called ‘late-twenties’. Gone are my teenage and the early-twenties’ care-free, worries-free and rose-tinted days! No, I am not cribbing and I don’t intend to.. at least as I am typing this. In my early-twenties, many have told me to enjoy, make the most of and savor those days since it will be the blissful period I will yearn to go back to, one day in future. I brushed them aside not only for the fact that I was exactly doing what they suggested but also, I decided to cross that bridge when it comes. It has come, finally!!

Bridge began with the phase of my wedding. Being married and going to work come with its attachments- responsibilities! Also, being married comes with certain unasked invites like, ‘Hey!! you’re married..then I will add you to WhatsApp group of married ladies. We shall discuss a lot!’ etc.. So far the discussion has been and surely, will continue to be on why XYZ is not married yet, who broke up with whom, parenthood and motherhood woes, and of course, our dear husbands! These are the indicators showing that I am getting old and prolly in-line to enter the thirties filled with more of such. (I am a part of such groups but never replied or pinged anything new. You may ask why haven’t I exited it.. I did and immediately my WhatsApp was flooded with messages ranging from one word to only ???. Why? You exited group? Any problem? Not interested? etc.. {No points for guessing this, Ok? Ok. This is like Inception of  { within ) } I do sound like I am cribbing, ain’t I? You will surely feel of doing the same (when you see yourself standing in the middle of early and late-twenties) when you dress up nicely for an outing with husbandman, see yourself in the mirror and say ‘Okay, I still feel and look young’, smile at it, step out of house only to hear the next door child waving ‘Bye Aunty’!! Nevertheless, you pass an intentional smirk. A-U-N-T-Y!! *Noooooo!! I am too young to be called an aunty, you child!!* But, ya, I am 25. Fact that I can’t deny.

Usually I don’t celebrate my birthdays. It is but a reminder that I’m growing older, I feel (silly? not to me, at least). Now, it takes a great dose of motivation to accept the fact that I am accelerating towards late-twenties and have to bear many advises like act your age, act wise, accept responsibilities and children calling me AUNTY!!

May the force be with me!!

PS: Read the first line. I just don’t celebrate. I do gladly accept wishes and gifts 😉