Hello!! – from an awaken soul (Anybody out there still reading my blog, I wonder.. yes? Yes. Right!)

So, let’s start with good things – typing here after a long time and Life is good. Now, coming to talk about the fact that my blogs are becoming few and far between.. Today, a colleague asked about my absence in blog space. Awaken by that alarm, I logged in to check if I get any visitors and views. To my surprise, there were quite a few, everyday (still unable to come out of the surprise!! whomever they are, thanks much!!) Every day I click ‘New Post’ icon expecting words to just flow in but end up staring at the white screen for how long I know not. Then, checked the old posts and recognized a pattern in it. I have come up with posts only when I had witnessed something or personally gone through an experience, be it good or bad. To put in simple words, posts came along with a background situation for each.

Having no posts more than a month got me thinking did I not see, hear or experience anything different from the usual? I travel by bus everyday being surrounded by a bunch of crowd..something that offers me a chance to observe people around. Wondering why did I not come up with posts like this and this. Does it mean I have an all work and no play life? Is it good this way, me thinks.

Do tell me, good souls!!