I got many calls and messages to check if I was alright after reading this post. Firstly, many thanks to you for doing so. Touched! An explanation is in order, I believe. Do read the post before proceeding.

My dad said I should have hinted who/what the demon and bird were. At least, at the end of it to avoid readers perceiving it differently. Also said, “The writer has only one thought/perception in his mind whereas a reader has many. That his imagination could go wild”. Going by the calls I got, it is true, after all. So, the demon is all that that pull you away from you pursuing your passion..be it job, family commitments and the likes. And the bird is the reader in me.. once active now a dormant. I vented my frustration through those words. Frustrated that I couldn’t read more as I used to. That was it..a dying note from that fading reader. A voracious reader could fathom my feelings.. I got many positive messages from friends and family..suggesting how I could manage time in a better way..to squeeze reading time in. Glad to have you guys by my side. You and your words are the bird’s wings.. They’re back and are strong enough to flutter away.. up in the sky!!

Cheers 🙂