I am a prey to a misfortune of not getting my works done in the first attempt itself. Have seen it happen many a times in different occasions. Last week I had been to Passport Seva Kendra for verification process. It has three steps..they call it A-B-C, with C being the Granting step. For the documents to be submitted as a proof for Date of Birth, online instruction said any one of the following with option A – Birth certificate, option B – 10th marks card and option C- I forgot, will do. Next to options, it read, for applicants born after 89, only original Birth certificate is applicable. We perceived this as a condition applicable only if we were to submit Birth certificate. I had 10th marks certificate original and thought it would do for both Date of Birth and 10th marks. (I didn’t have original birth certificate since it was at my parents’ place. Hence got the Xerox copy that I had notarized). Didn’t realize both were independent.

Coming back to PSK..step A was smooth. I was glad having had a good start. Then, in step B, soon as I sat in front of him, checker said, “Originals of date of birth, marriage certificate, 10th marks?” Gave him the papers. He asked, “Madam, original BC?” I told him that I had given 10th original certificate as a proof. Refusing to accept, he showed me the condition for applicants born after 1989. I felt a knot in my stomach! The jinx is back! Then I gave him the notarized BC. He persisted. Didn’t accept it and insisted on submitting the original BC and continued saying, “Madam, I am holding your application. Choose an alternate date as per your convenience” and showed his screen having calendar. I read there, “ON HOLD” and disappointment began to show on my face. I was looking at the screen but my mind was elsewhere..Why is this happening to me, every time! I was sure that notarized BC was good enough to fill the absence of original. Unable to contain the dejection, I asked him again, “Can’t 10th certificate or notarized BC be accepted?” “No! Date please?” was his response. I chose one and came out.

 I had failed, again. I hoped not to go through this. There I was in my mind’s eye, successfully passing every step and earning the grant. Much effort was put in to avoid a reschedule. But, what ought to happen, will happen. When you’re low, all sorts of negative vibes engulf you and you turn blind towards the reality. To my husband, I began whining out of anger that the checker was arrogant in not accepting the notarized BC..that he was rude..that he must have accepted it and that he lacked politeness, courtesy. Then, he told me something he heard while waiting for his own verification. In a family of 3, husband’s application was successfully verified and wife’s and son’s weren’t.  Wife was equally agitated and frustrated as I was and complained about her checker’s rudeness and arrogance. As I did. Her husband’s reply was simple yet very powerful. “He is paid to do his job; not to please you or to be nice with you. If not this time, we shall get it done the next time. Be calm and have patience.”

Words of wisdom! Though I realized I was wrong, it took a very long while to get out of the feeling of dejection. Slowly, I climbed out and exited office with a sense of calmness within me. It was an experience that had taught me something essential..that anger puts a screen between you and the reality and you tend to listen to what you feed more.. going by the famous Two Wolves quote.

Hope you readers listen to the other one. Forget jinx and go with the flow.

On a lighter note: Idha dhan appove Thalaivar sonnaru : Anger is the cause of all miseries, One should know how to control it. Otherwise life would become miserable.

My life was miserable for almost an hour!! Don’t let yours be 🙂