Are the voices in your head whispering….

“I don’t belong here. I am unfit. I am a waste of space; of no use to anyone. I am a burden. I am not normal. I can’t act normal. I don’t want to face the world. No one wants me”….

Hold on mate… World isn’t that ruthless. What if I tell you there is always light at the end of the tunnel called your mind?

What if I tell you that you’ll be equipped one fine day, to kill those inner voices? That you’ll be seen for whom you’re and what you’ve got and not, what you miss?

Is the pressure of being differently-abled, pressing you? Is the heat of problems you face in life, scorch you? Do you feel life is taking a snail-back journey?

Behold.. What if I tell you, you’re just a piece of carbon, waiting to get a makeover and someone will see the diamond in you and discover?

Are the hurting flames of not being recognized ready to burn you? Do you feel the burning desire to prove yourself given a chance?

What if I tell you, you’ll be acknowledged, respected, recognized and duly given that chance you truly deserve?

Do you feel inferior that the world pities you and treats you differently? Kill it now, I say. What if I tell you someone will give you the dose of courage, willpower and dignity to face the world, live off your own earnings and prove it wrong?

World might be ready to pull you down to the deep dumps. Hope. Hope that you too can come out of the depths of despair..count all the things that are still great about your life… be it the eyes that see beauty in you or the breath you just took or the smile in a nearby stranger’s look or the arms that reached out to you with kindness….. and when you do, another hand will pull you up, open the doors, take you to places, where hope and determination make even the impossible possible.

Here is to that someone who celebrates her birthday!! May you be blessed with all the best things, always, to continue the noble contribution you do to the society!

I am not revealing anything about her here..for a reason..To know whos, whats and hows, check out this website.

 PS: And, this is my 100th post…despite being regularly irregular!! Yaay!! 😀