Ask any married woman, to which place would she be eager to go, always? That one trip she would always wait for? It’s her mother’s place, right? Right. If I were to say, there is some other place that I look forward to go, even if it is for a few hours stay, more than my mother’s place? There is one.

I’ve always wondered..why should I, no option but leave a place, only to realize later, how badly I miss it! I felt when school days ended. I moved on dreaming about my college life. 4 years passed by, bade goodbye to my under graduation days too. I moved on, dreaming of joining a prestigious institution for Masters, in a city which, I believed, would give me everything I missed in my UG life. This time for a shorter period. Only 2 years. It did give me everything- food for brain, food for survival, friends for life, experiences that changed life, time to travel, time to roam around the city, happy days, happy memories, happy me. It was time to say good bye, again. I moved on thought I would, dreaming a new life of being a wife. I was wrong.

It is too hard to move on from what changed you for good, gave you everything wanted and needed.  I continue to relate the place and relive memories with every sight I see, every action I do, every situation I experience, every word I utter.. even if there is no direct relation, I pull off a transitive relation and relate! Coming back to the joy of traveling, I have to admit something. That the joy I get when I think of the joy I would get from visiting this place is more than the joy I would have got from planning a visit to my mother’s place! You can understand, by now, how much I love the place and miss it being there.

I am going there soon… can’t wait to feel the cool breeze kiss my skin, take a stroll along the road much traveled, to stand on the bridge and watch the traffic, to taste the heavenly canteen tea, to take a tour of my department taking in every nook and corner where I waited anxiously for reviews, sat leisurely in between classes and laughed out loud with friends!

To, what is fondly called, PSG Tech, to Coimbatore!!