At times you will get such an unexpected counter from an unexpected person that, for a moment, you will not know what to reply. This is what happened yesterday.

My grandmother has a habit of watching serials in Vijay TV. Never misses one. Vijay TV re-telecasts the previous day’s episodes during next day’s afternoon slots. Yesterday it was Monday and they were showing last Friday’s episodes. Watching them once itself is horrible and I couldn’t stand them one more time. This famous, never-ending Saravanan Meenakshi was playing at that time.

I: Paati, na channel maatha poren!

(Grandma, I am going to change the channel)

Grandma: Yen? Idhe irukattum. ippo dhan Saravanan letter potrukan. maathadha!

(Why? Let it be. Only now has Saravanan sent a letter. Don’t change!)

I: Idhe dhan paati pone Friday vandhudu. Marupadiyum yen paakanum?!)

(What is being shown now is the repeat of last Friday’s episode. Why to watch again?)

Grandma: Aama, irundhalum idhe irukattum.

(Yes, but it’s Ok, let it be there)

By this time I changed the channel to Siripoli (a channel which shows Tamil film comedy scenes)

I: Paati, idhe paarungo. Nalla jokes varum.

(Watch this. Good joke scenes will be shown)

It was a scene from the film Giri. Vadivel’s joke it was.

Grandma: ippo ellam ivana round katti adipanga. Kidney chutney nu. Ellartayum adi vaangiyachu. En kita mattum dhan baaki. Idhu mattum pudusa! eppo paathulum ivan adi vaangradha dhan kaamikran!

(Now, everyone will surround and beat him up. He has been beaten up by almost all; I am the one remaining to do so! Is this new? Always getting beaten up, hasn’t this been shown million times already?!)

I: 😮

Grandma’s epic counter!

PS: This is second in the series of my Family Tales. First one is here