On the way to office, I noticed two kids picking up plastic bottles from a heap of garbage. I don’t know if they realized they were surrounded by dirt..but, that didn’t stop them from having fun. I am sure, many of us, if asked to look for something in home dustbin, we would be reluctant and dislike the idea of having hands inside it and end it with a “Ewww!! I can’t! Let it be. I will buy a new stuff”. Those kids showed no sign of such thoughts. After some time, I saw their mother come and walk them towards their home, a tent. A tent in the nearby open space.

It took me time to put behind what I saw. Though immensely blessed we are, we crib about things we don’t own yet. But, such sights remind you that there is really nothing to complain about. If you’re reading this, you probably own a computer or have access to it. Even otherwise, you’re literate, have the necessary educational background that your parents have provided to back yourself up and above all, a roof above your head.  Thank heavens for that. Love and live your life.