I work as a Technical Writer. I must prepare technical documents like User Manual, Installation Guides, and Training Manuals for Softwares. Recently, my friend shared her bitter experience with one such user manual. She had bought an electronic gadget and was trying to use it by following the instructions given in the manual. Even after many attempts and re-reading, she couldn’t crack it. Since manual was full of words and not a single image to facilitate, she struggled to put things together. She felt images could have made the process easier and saved time. She concluded by saying, “Look, you too prepare such manuals, right? Please keep this in mind and make sure what you write is easy to follow. You have to help the readers, not confuse them further”. She is right, isn’t she? It is up to us, the writers, to choose the right word, right picture, right content and right tone. I realized that not understanding a document is a writer’s failing not the reader’s deficiency, especially when the work goes out to masses.

PS: Another realization.. read before you publish 😀 Corrected one of the common errors, gender mismatch, in this post after being pointed out! Thanks, A!! 🙂