Few minutes back, I was looking at a family picture on my mobile. While I gave a passing glance at others in the frame, I spent more time looking at the way I smiled – photogenic or not?, the way my Saree looked in picture – too bright?, the way I stood – did I hold hand with the next person or did I put my arms around? Spent more time analyzing myself that I missed to see the beauty of the whole picture – all of us glowing happily and laughing heartily! So true that it is hard to see the whole picture when you are in the frame!! It so aptly holds well for the way we handle problems wherein we are involved, doesn’t it? One tends to be biased and favors oneself, turning blind towards own mistakes, always trying to get rid of the blame and shift it on the shoulders of others involved. Right? It never occurs or it is difficult to out-focus oneself and look at the problem from the other or a third person’s shoes, something which will help solve the problem! What stops us from looking beyond?