Post wedding I had put on a lot of weight. To be precise, 5 kilos in 9 months! Every time I try myself to fit into my old clothes, I end up feeling annoyed because they won’t just let me in! They glare at me as if now, they belonged to someone else. Whenever I see rolls of unnecessary fats, I get a doze of motivation to sit and chart out a workout plan. At least a walking routine, if not an elaborate one. I desparately want to shed all the excess weight I gained over the period of time. Burn 5 kilos! Get back to 50 – these two numbers run in my mind, constantly. With words, so far, plan seems to be good and workable. But, in reality, I seem to do nothing about it. Sticking to the mundane tasks of getting up-getting ready-go to office-come back-do household works-sleep do not give me the time to execute my plan. Nevertheless, I never fail to remind me of these numbers: 50-5, everyday! Last Sunday, I was trying on my wedding clothes before packing them for my cousin’s wedding. Same sad story. After futile attempts, I sat there taking the stiches off and thinking where was I going wrong. Grand mother was nearby and was watching me.

Grandma: What happened? Aren’t these fitting?
Me: Yes. That’s why I am removing stitches
Grandma: How many more left?
Me: 4 more!!
Grandma: oh! forget numbers, do one by one. You’ll be done sooner than you think.

Words of wisdom they were, truly! Not only was it suitable for the task at hand, but also for my shelved weight-reduce plan. What she told was simple, to the point – just do what you have to do, one at a time; forget the numbers, difficulty in implementing it or the amount of job(s) to be done! I realized that rather than finding reasons for my lapse, I had to begin. Begin somewhere. It could be starting to walk for half an hour a day instead of a tough routine, lessen the intake amount than cutting down all the oily, fatty items completely. I should begin, slowly and steadily. And more importantly, should keep it going! After all, small drops make a mighty ocean! 🙂 Hope this works out! Will keep you updated..