My Sundays are meant for cleaning-up works. One week it will be TV stand, next, Dining Table or wardrobes. Last week it was my wardrobe which got its makeover! Pull out all clothes, dump them on the bed, look at them with mixed feelings of “Thank God! only so much to fold and arrange” to “I have nothing good to wear!! Should do fresh shopping (Hope all ladies out there will agree with me on this point :-D)”!! And then, resisting the urge to jump onto those clothes facing the roof, I started.

And as time passed by, I was wondering aloud, “Did I buy this? When? Why?” and found myself repeating it! You never know how but so much stuffs would have found its place in wardrobe in no time! Seriously!! Next difficult job I had was deciding which clothes should go in and out. My Monkey-Mind was at its best! In-out-in-out..on a loop. Finally I settled with keeping few.. FEW.. clothes out.

As if that wasn’t enough, I was thinking whether I should color code clothes and arrange accordingly 😛 I did that, followed it for few days, then, needless to say, back to square one. Now, I know which method suits me 🙂 Old habits die hard, you see.

Point is, there is something utterly delicious about De-cluttering. Wiping out the inessentials. Be it your wardrobe or house or mind. A feel of achievement and satisfaction! 🙂 All you need is a little push from within.. A result of last-minute-searches like “where the hell did I keep that Duppatta!!!” 😛

Day after tomorrow, Sunday. I already am being asked to de-clutter my ear-ring collections and other such Knick-Knack stuffs 😀 I don’t plan to do that, anyway! Collected over years, not so easy to throw off! What say, fellow collectors? 😉 Have to look for something else. There is no better time to de-clutter. Happy weekend!! 😉 🙂