Last week I turned a year older. As reminded by many of my friends, it happened to be the first birthday post wedding. And, if you go by the assumed-custom, it is supposed to be special, warrants surprise/ special gifts from your better half. That said, I was asked by many what was that special gift I received. What I got was indeed special and deserves a post 🙂

A movie date? An expensive ring? Nada! Way better than staring at the screen for three long hours in the name of being together on a movie date! It was something more valuable than these. TIME!!. I remember reading “the greatest and the best gift you can give someone is your time!” We went to the University of Agricultural Sciences (Bangalore) campus for a walk. It is open for public in spite of being a college campus. A vast area it is, with rich flora. Need a break from monotonous, polluted and noisy city life? This is where you should be! Through swishing trees, planted saplings, and open land for cultivation, under the open sky, amidst the unpolluted cries of the birds, we ambled on discussing random stuffs. There were times when we had to stop and take in the beauty of the nature and behold! Like icing on the cake, Bangalore-Evening’s chill breeze was kind enough to mark its presence. It was such a pleasure to walk around the campus listening to rustling leaves, the pure notes of the birds, the breeze whooshing through the leaves. Truly, a walker’s paradise it is! Needless to say, the joy I got that day was undoubtedly more than the joy I would have got from watching a movie together or dining out together or receiving gifts 🙂 Time is indeed the best and the most valuable gift!!

You know, there is more beauty, more peace and more happiness out there. If only we had time and the will to break the routine, come out and look for! Dear readers, if you are in Bangalore, do visit this place in the evening at leisure. I am sure you will never feel like leaving the place and if you do, you will come out rejuvenated.