Yesterday’s Whatsapp conversation with my friend..

Me: Hi!!

Friend: Baahubali paathiya? (Watched Baahubali?)

Me: No

Friend: Paakaliya? Sema padam. Na moonu thadava paathuten. First day ve paathuten. (Didn’t watch?! It’s a superb film. I have seen it thrice. That too on the very first day)

Me: Oh! Ok.. Nice 🙂

Friend: Yen paakala innum? (Why didn’t you watch yet?)

Me: Paakanum nu thonala? (I didn’t feel like watching it)

Friend: Kadasiya enna padam paatha? (What is the last film you had watched?)

Me: Kaaviya Thalaivan

Friend: Adi paavi?! OK Kanmani kooda paakaliya? (My goodness! Haven’t watched Ok Kanmani too?!)

Me: aama, andha padam-um paakala. (Yes, haven’t seen that film as well)

Friend: Andha padam kooda paakaliya!! Too much!! Recently wedded vera ne, paathurkanum!!Andha padam paakama ne kalyanam panni no use!! (Haven’t seen?!?! Too much! Being recently wedded, you must have seen it. Without watching that film, you being married is of no use!!)

Me: 😀

Friend: Sema love story. Neeyum un husband-um kandipa paakanum. CD-aavadhu vaangi paaru! (Superb love story. You should watch with your husband. At least buy a CD and watch!)

Me: Hmmm

(Mind voice: Adengappa, Mani ratham kooda ivlo feel pannirka maatar!! translates to: Not even Mani Rathnam (Ok K’s director) would have felt bad for not watching his film!!)

That’s it. Her reaction got me thinking. Unable to understand how watching/not watching a film could determine something which is absolutely irrelevant to it! Is she one among of few to think that way or has it become common and accepted?

I am writing this after receiving a check-up message from her sometime back.. “Hey! paathiya illaya?!” (Have you seen it or not?!)

Narayana indha…… dialogue only!! Sigh.