Post wedding I have made it a habit to try out different snack items during weekends. Breaking the routine for a while as people at home are used to those conventional snacks like biscuits, chips, murukku,  oma podi, kara sev , etc. During my stay in PSG hostel, I used to have bread upma in the hostel mess every Monday evening. It was the dish I liked the most of all. So, to start with, I prepared Bread upma one day. Thankfully people at home liked it. Then, followed the relatives of Bread..Veg sandwich, Bruschetta and Bread Pizza, in the consecutive weekends.

Last weekend, when I entered home holding a plastic carry-bag, paati exclaimed, “marupadiyum bread a?!?!?!” [Bread, again?!?!] I was tempted to do some Snape-inspired act and reply, “Always” and giggle! But, she wouldn’t have realized it and the purpose would have gone in vain. (While reading this, Subhasri, my dear friend, will be wondering how I, *read again* I have grown up to quote Harry Potter and all !! :-D). Anyway, it wasn’t a bread packet but jack fruit pieces. Her face lit up upon seeing them and it told me something, that too much of anything is good for nothing!! To break the routine, I used bread. But, now, seems bread needs a break!!

PS: Do suggest some easy-to-make-less-time-consuming-different-from-routine snack items!! 😉