Done with something that kept me busy for a while. Project review. It went well. Next one comes after a month. In the mean time, I have got a pile of books to read. Have to resume The Hobbit, then there is this “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins and “Thinking fast and slow” by  Daniel Kahneman, a big fat book! Here comes the best of all.. The Mahabharatha, English translation of the original Sanskrit script, translated by a Mr. Ganguli and suggested by my tutor, Mr. Marx. Know what? It runs for almost 6000 pages! 6-0-0-0! And, the worst part is, not a hard copy 😦 Not worried about the pages for mythology is my favourite genre. But, this, e-book..can’t help. Anyway, my plan is to read all of them before I finish my post graduation, which means I have got 4 months time. Is it possible? Will I make it? Ah… the beginning of a marathon reading session is round the corner!! Will post about the progress.

Godspeed, to me!

This post ages around One and a half years. Its link is here. To read all of those books listed, I gave myself 4 months of time till my graduation. Yesterday one of my friends asked me if I continued reading post wedding as well, given the new roles and responsibilities. That reminded me of this post. As promised (:-P), I am updating now. Such an epic failure this mission has been!! Soon after graduation, I was engaged and had 6 months to get ready for wedding. It is needless to say how handful a bride-to-be would be! Amidst wedding works, not even once did the thought of waking one of those peacefully sleeping books flash my mind! I see them every day on the shelf and give merely a passing look! Then, wedded and shifted base to Bangalore. Two months I was free (I would like to call this phase otherwise as “Settling time” :-P) and I began reading “Rich dad Poor dad”. I was halfway through but the flow was interrupted by a planned vacation.  That was the end to all those richness and poorness that book had to offer! Then, I got a job and it took its toll on my already dying reading habit. It didn’t stop me from purchasing books though!! 😀 I purchased another one, a mythology type, making my mind to finish 5+ pages per day and successfully implemented for two weeks only to be interrupted by other high priority works! It has always been priority that decides the life span of my works and in the case of reading, I obviously put it next to anything that comes in. It took me almost three months to complete that book which runs into 300 pages. I was wondering at the level of change happened. Once finished in a day or two, now takes months! But that delicious feeling of finishing a good and thought provoking book.. has to be felt!! It is so true that you know not what you have achieved until you realize how hard it is to do something as simple as reading a book!! I wish I could go back being a free-bird student and live in a different world that all of those waiting-to-be-read books conjure up!! You free bird students, read away while you can!!!