Back from long silence. My father had always asked me to be self-reliant and not to depend on others to get my work done, unless and until it is absolutely necessary. I never really understood its importance and continued to ask for help from friends or relatives for small things. Post wedding as well, it continued. They say, when it is time, things and perceptions change. Right?

Company I work for, employs differently abled people and everyday, I get to meet them, interact with them and observe them as to how their normal life is. One day, when I was about to enter the office, I noticed a wheel chaired person trying to open the door. The door had to be kept open till he goes inside the floor..otherwise it would come back and hit the wheel. So, I rushed to him and told I would hold the door. Immediately he responded, ” thanks! but I can manage it myself!”  and he did so comfortably! I was surprised with his determination. There are many more such incidents and each was a learning experience. I realized what my father was telling me repeatedly, first hand. It struck me hard that I, gifted with two proper functioning hands, legs, ears and eyes, depend on others to get my work done, whereas those people don’t! From then, I have started taking baby steps to stop delegating my works to others at home and office. If you’re capable of doing something, then do it yourself!! It also gives a feel of satisfaction that I did my work myself! Why don’t you try it and taste the happy feel?

My father also says education can never be limited by age. It doesn’t end with school or college or masters. There may be/are few lessons to be learnt all our life and even on deathbed and sometimes, you will stand there moved, like I did.