Nowadays kids are too smart to handle. Sort of questions they throw at us, leave us jaw-dropped and in a difficult position. Its like you need some time to analyze and then come up with an answer which may/ may not convince them!! Quite a task for us, indeed. Today afternoon, such a moment happened to me..all thanks to a 6 years old kid. I was having lunch in terrace. There came that boy (son of my colleague) and sat next to me. I noticed him glued to the screen of the cell in his hands. I started conversing with him..

I : Hey.. what are you watching??

Kid : Tom and Jerry

I : You like it?

Kid : Ya, very much!! It is fun to watch Tom every time he gets into trouble. Why is Tom always the one to lose? Why not Jerry?

I : Because Tom tries to kill Jerry everytime it enters the home. So, Tom is the villain. Villains always lose.

Kid : Why is Tom a villain? It does its job. Protects home from Jerry. Otherwise Jerry will eat everything stored in the fridge. So, Tom wants to stop Jerry. What’s wrong?

I : *had no proper convincing reason* *After few minutes* You are right. At times, you see, Jerry also gets beaten up. So, whoever tries to harm others, gets into trouble is the point.

Kid : *Smiles and does what he was previously doing.. laughing at Tom*

Have you ever thought of this point, that Tom has a point? that villains may also have a point, like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight? I never did. Kids…these days.. Sigh!