Hello guys!!  My friend Deepak has come up with a noble thought of sharing his tale of conquering Disc Protrusion. I am re-posting his story so that it reaches more audience and serves its purpose!! Please read and spread the word!!

In his words…

Disc Protrusion. Ever heard of this term? To people who don’t know, it’s a dysfunction in spine and many have a wrong notion about it, like once a person is diagnosed with it, he must live with it lifelong. My story says otherwise! Let me share it with you…My success story of overcoming the terrible condition, Disc Protrusion. On hearing my story, you will start to HOPE and BELIEVE that something which you thought cannot be cured and have to be endured forever, can be cured and thrown away from your life!
I was diagnosed with Disc Protrusion at L4/L5 level in Mar 2014. Since then it’s been very hard for me to pass a day without pain. I can definitely relate with what you would be going through if you too are suffering from the same condition. Well guys, now, I am recovered and this small recap of my past will definitely give you the required motivation to “Not to Give Up”.
When I got to know about this injury, I was shocked and unable to accept the fact that I had developed it because of improper regime exercise in gym. The cause of my Disc injury was due to lack of strength in my core muscles which includes lower back, abdomen, hamstring and Quad muscles. There is a proportion to be maintained with respect to strength and flexibility between these muscles. In my case the proportion was not maintained properly and that led to an injury. Being a Fitness Freak, it was a terrible blow and was killing me emotionally.
Pain caused by this injury was so unbearable that I couldn’t do any of my normal activities like walking, sitting down, lying down, riding bike and driving car. The pain vibrates from lower back to heel. It made me think and question myself “Why me? I just did things to stay healthy (going to gym, eating healthy food)”. At one point, I started feeling restless, frustrated and started putting on weight because of my unhealthy food habits. I couldn’t think of a solution.

“Going to gym, lifting weights and getting the pump won’t guarantee your fitness. There is a discipline for it. Kindly take a note of it.”

Having said that, how did I overcome it? Firstly, I searched ‘Google’ for a solution, read many articles about Disc injury and came to know about the worst part of the injury which would occur when proper attention is not given. Also, I understood that it could affect anyone if the life style is sedentary.

“If your job is a desk job then you are already standing in the queue to get introduced yourself to this Disc injury. So kindly take a note of it.”

I was depressed, shaken, mentally down and blanked out for a while. As I continued to read many related forums, I found more unsuccessful stories than successful ones and that made me feel bad as it added more to my injury. In June 2014, I happen to meet Dr. Dhananjeyan from Spectrum Physio Centre, Bangalore and that’s when I found the belief that I needed to get rid of this pain. He advised me few physiotherapy exercises and asked me to discipline myself with respect to my lifestyle. And when I read about Hrithik Roshan‘s success story of recovering from multiple slipped discs I really felt motivated. I started reading about people who have recovered from it and motivated myself and started believing that one day I would get rid of the pain. Importantly it all depends on how patient you’re. You have to be extremely patient when it comes to physiotherapy since it’s not a tablet that will cure the injury in a couple of days. Now this is where people lose patience but I managed to discipline myself and followed few guidelines suggested by the physio like avoiding bad bending, bad posture while sitting, etc. I made sure that I strictly followed the exercises advised by physio as I believed in it. It took me almost 7 months to come out of the pain completely and not only recovering from the injury but also regained my shape. Here I am writing about recovering from a disc injury to motivate you all. To me it took 7 months but it may differ for some other person. It all depends on how sincere your efforts are and how disciplined you’re in the exercises suggested by physio.
I DID WHAT I BELIEVED IN. Getting inspired just by reading about a Bollywood star-Hrithik Roshan will not give us so much confidence as we may think and doubt big stars could have invested so much money in technologies to cure himself. But getting the inspiration from a common man will definitely give you a world of confidence. So guys, am just a common monthly salaried guy who has recovered from this injury and giving you the belief.

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I do not have it at the beginning – Mahatma Gandhi”

This injury taught me fitness is not about having a pumped up body, but it’s about how healthy and functional are we. So, guys! Choose your lifestyle wisely and stay healthy. As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”. At any cost “DO NOT LOSE HOPE”. Take my experience as an example. If I can do it, then definitely you can do it too!!
Please do share with your friends if my story can motivate people who are suffering from any injury.

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