Soon as he was born, mother rejected.
He wanted knowledge, Guru rejected.
He wanted to prove his mettle, the lady rejected.
He suffered, his dignity suffered.

Born as a warrior but deprived of his rights.
Yearned for learning the art;earned curses instead.
Ridiculed, humiliated, pulled down; he stood tall, unfazed.
Wanted acceptance and recognition, but none did.

Then came one, the son of the blind king.
With his hands stretched out, took him beside.
Made sure he got everything he was denied off.
Acceptance and recognition, he gave them all.

Man of generosity, selflessness he is.
When he needed help, they gave him none.
When they needed help, they came to him.
In the end, they were all used against him!

Mother came to him, he rejected.
God came to him, he rejected.
Always indebted to his friend, who was in his needs.
A man of word, it was his turn to reject.

Could have defected to his brothers’ side, but chose not to.
Could have killed his brothers, but didn’t.
could have changed his side, but didn’t. 
Could have saved himself from death, but chose otherwise.

He who lived up to his promises, 
He who kept his words,
He who sacrificed every possible thing,
He who is named, Karna!!