Sharing a leaf out of my recent experiences. Recently, one of my friends had a fallout with her friend. she shared the news with me seeking my opinion/advice on what went wrong, whose action caused the fallout. Tell me, when your friend asks you for advice, you always think and hope you can be honest with them after all these years of friendship. so was I, in my opinion. Unfortunately, what I said didn’t help. She ended up Saying, “I just wanted support, not Gyan!” and left the place.

It was bit shocking and thought it was my time to introspect on what went wrong between us. Later, I realized That when going through tough time, people don’t want to be told what they should or shouldn’t do. More Importantly, not to be that it was their fault. Precisely what I did. But, most likely, on such situations, they want and expect you to agree with them even if the reality says otherwise. Also, when advising people, we Either base it on our own experience or the other person’s characters (since we know them for long enough to involve their characters). If this is the case, then advice can be hard to take even it is well intended.

Why do people ask for advice when they are not ready to take it in a good way? Have you faced this situation before? Tell me how you handled it.. 🙂