My day in office begins with writing down a to-do list and pinning it on the wall. Though outlook has “Tasks” feature and I use it, I prefer paper-based reminder. On seeing it, my colleague commented, “Limit paper and pen usage, use Keyboard instead”. I was wondering at the evolution of us from writing to typing. I vividly remember my school days and compliments I got for my neat and legible handwriting. Also, few others being scolded for their bad handwriting. That, I believe, should have made me write more and more, just to flaunt the beauty of handwriting 😛 The habit of searching for paper and pen soon as I heard words “note down” is still sticking on to me. Nowadays I rarely see people using the pair. Writing is slowly losing its sheen and is being replaced by typing. Exams are given online, applications are filled online, banking transactions take place online, tickets are booked online, wishes are shared online..what not? Post cards, Inland letters.. needless to talk about their fate..they are buried long back.

Also, I have heard about the connection between the act of writing and the functioning of brain..something like coordination between the right and left brain. Will be better if someone throws light on this matter. If it goes on like this, in future, there will be no “good” or “bad” handwriting, no teacher will comment as “improve your handwriting” instead you can hear them cry “no emoticons or SMS language!!”

My friend says no one writes any more, sooner or later, writing will become obsolete. Do you agree or deny? What’s your take on this? Do share!