In office, I had a conversation with a colleague. A conversation that made a great impact. He was telling me about his ailing parents, how he takes care of them along with his wife and children.Him being the only bread-winner of the family, he was facing difficulties in making both the ends meet. Most of his salary is spent on medicines for his parents and the rest for the other expenses…needless to mention Bangalore’s ever-growing cost of living. Though his situation was bad, never once did he regret about keeping his parents with him. Instead he was worrying about not being able to take better care of them. He had the option of sending them away to retirement-home. But he chose not to because he considered taking care of them not as an option/responsibility but as his duty! With responsibility comes a cushion of delegating it to someone, if necessary. But, with duty, one can never escape from its hold!

That got me thinking, when we were children, our parents protected us, cared for us, fought battles for all know what they did/are doing/will-do for us. There comes a time when we raise up to the occasion, put on the protection-Armour, get ready to protect the ones who fought battles for us, to safeguard us. When it was time, We, the cubs, have to realize that we are grown up, mature enough to protect our parents, reciprocate the same amount of love and care they showered on us. Role reversals happen there!

Aren’t your parents the best of your well-wishers? Don’t they deserve the care and affection that only their children can give them? Let us realize that old age is a second childhood and just as we take care of our children, the same attention and same care needs to be given to our parents and elders. Do realize how much they have sacrificed for your sake and do your best to give the best possible attention to all their wishes and dreams. I am sharing this with you readers hoping that you will think about it for a while and act accordingly. Also, I wish no elderly person ever be away from their home, children, grand children and be unhappy for the rest of their lives! After all, not just Cinderella, even they deserve to live happily ever after!