Disclaimer: Only those who watch/heard of Vijay TV serials will be able to follow what follows 😉

To keep her occupied throughout the day, my paati watches serials. Like every other paati. Earlier she used to watch Sun tv serials. Since my father in law (FIL) felt that there could be no better source than Sun tv serials to spoil the minds of ladies at home, additional fear due to presence of two mother-in-laws and two daughter-in-laws :-D, he made her shift to Vijay tv soap operas, which are comparatively better. Thanks to those hindi dubbed serials which end soon. I won’t be surprised if Nadaswaram celebrates its 10,000th episode! Anyway..

Everyday I reach home around 6.30 PM and by that time, ‘Pudhu Kavidhai’ serial would have started and paati keenly watches all the shows that follows. After few more shows came the famous ‘Saravanan Meenakshi – 2(?!)’. I was around paati doing some work.

On seeing Vaidhi, she said, “Ivanuku vera velaye illaya!! Erkanave ivan lover sethu poita nu kudichindu alayaraan! Ippo ipdi veshti katindu feel panran. Office ku pona coat suit potundu anga innoru ponna love panran (Same actor is part of another serial ‘Office’). Andha ponnuku erkanve kalyanam aagi divorce kooda aaiduthu! Asingama illa ivanuku?!”

[Has this fellow got nothing else to do? His lover is already dead and he whiles away day time by drinking! Now, he is in Dhoti, then, when he goes to office, he wears coat suit and loves another girl there. Even that girl is a divorcee! Doesn’t he feel ashamed?!]

FIL replies, “Amma! idhu vera serial. Adhu vera serial. Pottu kozhapadheenga!”

[Mom, both are different serials. Don’t confuse]

Paati says, “illa da. Rendum ore aal dhanda! Idhe dhaadi paiyan dhan!”

[No. Both are same person only. The one who always sports a beard. Its him]

FIL, out of anger says, “Idhuku dhan idhellam paaka vendam nu sonnen! comedy channel podren adha paarunga!”

[This is I asked you not to watch these serials. Let me put some comedy channel. Watch it]

He changed from Vijay tv to Aaditya. Scene change. From Vaidhi to Vadivelu. From village to Bus. Vadivelu (conductor) talks to a couple (passengers).

Vadivelu asks husband, “unaku iva ethanavadhu pondaatti?”   [which ordinal wife is she to you?]
Husband, “anjavadhu”    [Fifth]
Vadivelu asks wife, “Unaku?”  [To you?]
Wife, “Ezhavadhu”    [Seventh]
Vadivelu to Husband, “Unna vida rendu leading-gu!”   [She leads you by 2!!]

Paati started laughing out loud and said sarcastically, “Idhula mattum nalladhava kaatran!!” [You changed as if this will have some good scenes!!]

I just love my family!!