beat Monday Morning Blues?

Back to Bangalore after having a nice and relaxing weekend at mother’s. A nice, long (does a 3-days vacation qualify to be called as long??), relaxing weekend, away from office, away from bustling Bangalore, had ended in an eye’s wink! Nothing could be worse than returning home on Monday morning knowing you have less time at hand to get ready. In a rush to be on time (as early as 9.30 :-P), I jumped out of bed after a short rest, stumbled into work clothes, got ready, ate in bits and pieces, did a walk-run-walk-run on the way, and finally, signed in the entry log. That sigh which comes out! As if you have achieved something impossible! Realized that from next time, wherever I go, I should make sure that I returned a day before to avoid all these chaos! But, can you ever do it? Don’t you hear someone inside speaking the other way? like why should I get back home when I get to spend another day with parents and be a couch potato? Ain’t I right? 😉

ANYWAY, now it is afternoon, there is a document to be verified and I’m still whining about MMB… *Read title and first line once again*  Have you had same pheeelings? How did you overcome? Drop in some suggestions please!! My friend here says “Keep calm and assume it’s Friday, not Monday!”