Gone are the times of hours spent hanging out with friends, watching films, roaming around the city, reading novels. Gone are the sleepless nights spent in preparing for exams and presentations, writing reports and assignments. Now, learning and trying to get hold of the act of juggling!! Family and work keep me occupied most of the times that I hardly get time to do at least one of those I mentioned in the beginning!

Changes are inevitable!

Novels..once finished in a day or two, now, takes a month or two! Unread books are screaming at me whenever I give them a pass! If only I could make time stand still!

‘Keep in touch’ – makes me believe climbing The Everest is possible; but not this! Doesn’t matter if you use Whatsapp/facebook/gmail. This one seems hard to achieve! If only I could say otherwise!

Managing home.. Role change at home from being a care-free back end supporter to coming in front to lead. I still wonder how I managed to prepare breakfast, lunch and pack lunch, get ready and help others get ready for office, all in just two and a half hours! A lazy goose I thought I was!

Changes are inevitable!!

Still, every task accomplished, be it at home or office, every word of appreciation from family and people at work, every self-wondering-wow-moment, every super-glad feel having finished a novel after ages is precious! At times, changes are for good, aren’t they?

A change from being a girl to wife = a change in my way of life!