I’ve been floating in the pool of family, travel and work, forgetting to write past two months. Birth of 2015 has given me a wake-up siren and this is my first cry..

In my old post, I shared my perception on ‘work’. Let me add few more to what is already available there. When you come across someone, “What do you do?” has always been a defining question asked of you.. especially when you move your base, settle down at a new place and get to meet new people almost everyday, you’re sure to face this situation. I, for one, am trying to give a definite answer. I feel it’s not about the magnitude of the degree you have or the institution you study/studied or your work place.. it is all about how you feel deep inside about the work you do or you’re planning to do. The job you choose may be irrelevant to the education you received..but what matters the most is that it must fill you with immense satisfaction. I feel I have found that sort of job and this is here to stay. Right now I’m in the process of growing my own wings to fly out in the world…Soon will let you know what it is and take you with me in my journey!!

So, wish you an awesome 2015. My wishes to do all that you want to do in this year!!