Life can be strange at times.. make you fly high, up in the sky.. push you deep down into depression, make you feel nothing, go blank. As time goes, every moment that passed becomes memory of different shades.. Sad, happy, vague, cheerful. what do we choose to remember? happy memories or the painful ones. Rewind and smile or rewind and scowl – choice is ours. Sure, flames of those painful ones will be somewhere around the corner. But, the lesser you recall them, the weaker they become to pop up. Why abuse the past, hate the present and question the future? Choose otherwise. Just a memory! Yet, which one we choose, which we ignore, makes all the difference! We can’t control the course of our life. But, this, we can. Easier said than done, I agree. But, not impossible right? Give it a shot since it is peace’s way!