Whenever I felt like taking a stroll, I visit a particular park in town. For the past few months we weren’t given entry since it was under renovation. For good. Whenever I crossed it, I used to give a when-will-it-open? look! Today evening when I went, I saw the new board near entrance which indicated that the park was all ours!! 🙂 finally! It was full and also, colorful! Kids swinging, playing run and catch, few trying to climb up the rods.. parents running behind them yelling their names. Both kids and parents with endless energy. I sat on a bench watching all these. After sometime, a ball fell next to me and when I gave it to the boy, he called me to join him. How sweet! I joined his gang and then, I was running behind them calling out their names ( I made this primary inquiry first 😉 ) in alarm! I realized no matter your legs cry out loud for running behind them, nothing like being with kids and seeing a place through their eyes!! It was such a relief to see these kids come out, have some real play time and fun! Kudos to their parents who made sure they spend quality time with kids!