Recently I bumped into an aunt with whom I had this following conversation….

She: “Enna di ma, na yaar nu teriyardho?” [ What’s up? Do you know who I’m?]. I gave her a I-know-you-but-forgot-your-name look which she understood (thankfully!) and introduced herself. Mother’s friend’s friend, apparently.

She: “Padipellam over-a?” [Done with studies?]

Me: “over maami. Last may-oda mudinjudhu” [Yes. Completed last May]

She: “Enna padicha? Enga padicha?” [What and where did you study?]

Me: “Masters in Software Engineering, maami. PSG Tech, coimbatore la”

She: “PSG-a! Besh Besh! Top college aache.. PSG brand name unaku help pannum future la! adhuve unaku vela vaangi tharum! Kavalye vendam po”  [PSG? Great! It’s a top college and that brand name will help you in future. The name itself will get you job offers! Needless to worry!]

Me: *smiles*

She: “Time aachu, apram paakalam. Bye” [It’s getting late. See you later. Bye]

She isn’t the only one who judges people based on the names they are associated with. Unless you’re a graduate from ABC college, you work for XYZ company or connected with any of the so called branded, elite names, you are deemed to be talent-less. How silly! When will they learn to see a person for what he really is and not what he is associated with!! It really takes a lot to survive among the crowd with such an attitude!!